Blossoming Tots is a family run business who rely on years of parental experiences. We develop and more importantly hand test all our products. We pride ourselves in high quality, extra safe mother and baby products and accessories for peace of mind for mums. Our baby products will put a stop to worrying about your baby’s comfort and safety and instead you’ll be able to focus on enjoying precious time with your child.


All our products are hand tested to ensure excellent quality



1.    Firstly wash the pump in warm soapy water and sterilise using a microwave steriliser or a microwave steriliser bag (max temperature of           120 degrees Celsius)


2.    If you have time gently massage and/or place a warm flannel over your breast to encourage flow BEFORE placing the pump onto your            breast


3.    Place the pump over your breast and then squeeze near the 50 ml/2 oz mark. Caution- Squeezing near the top of the pump will distort          the mouth and the seal will not be as good


4.    Relax the squeeze, the pump will gently suck your nipple and breast through the neck. It is this gentle suction which will draw the let                    down or leaking milk during feeding. Sore engorged breasts can be relieved by using this same method


5.    Gently rubbing around your breast can help milk flow but be careful not to decrease the seal around the pumps mouth


6.    The suction, which is created, will allow you to release the pump so you can be hands free to tend to your baby whilst they latch on                     your other breast. However if you have an active baby during feeding be careful that those little legs do not kick the pump


7.    Once you have stopped producing, milk simply put your finger into the mouth  of the pump and peel it off your breast. Again be careful          not to spill any precious milk





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